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1. Information
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2. Translations
The Website may contain translations of the English version of the content available on the Website. These translations are provided only as a convenience. In the event of any conflict between the English language version and the translated version, the English language version shall take precedence. If you notice any inconsistency, please report them via our contact form.

3. Risks related to the use of Scotcoin Carbon Offset
The Website will not be responsible for any losses, damages or claims arising from events falling within the scope of the following five categories:

(1) Mistakes made by the user of any Scotcoin Carbon Offset-related software or service, e.g., forgotten passwords, payments sent to wrong Scotcoin Carbon Offset addresses, and accidental deletion of wallets.

(2) Software problems of the Website and/or any Scotcoin Carbon Offset-related software or service, e.g., corrupted wallet file, incorrectly constructed transactions, unsafe cryptographic libraries, malware affecting the Website and/or any Scotcoin-related software or service.

(3) Technical failures in the hardware of the user of any Scotcoin-related software or service, e.g., data loss due to a faulty or damaged storage device.

(4) Security problems experienced by the user of any Scotcoin-related software or service, e.g., unauthorised access to users’ wallets and/or accounts.

(5) Actions or inactions of third parties and/or events experienced by third parties, e.g., bankruptcy of service providers, information security attacks on service providers, and fraud conducted by third parties.

5. Compliance with tax obligations
The users of the Website are solely responsible to determinate what, if any, taxes apply to their Scotcoin Carbon Offset transactions. The owners of, or contributors to, the Website are NOT responsible for determining the taxes that apply to Scotcoin Carbon Offset transactions.

6. The Website 
The Website does not store, send or receive Scotcoins. This is because Scotcoins exist only by virtue of the ownership record maintained in the Scotcoin network. Any transfer of title in Scotcoins occurs within a decentralised Scotcoin network, and not on the Website.

7. No warranties
The Website is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranties of any kind regarding the Website and/or any content, data, materials and/or services provided on the Website.

8. Limitation of liability
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9. Arbitration
The user of the Website agrees to arbitrate any dispute arising from or in connection with the Website or this disclaimer, except for disputes related to copyrights, logos, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or patents.

10. Disclaimer

Cryptocurrencies are not suitable for many people. You should carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you based on your experience, your objectives, your financial situation and other relevant circumstances.

Past performance gives no indication of future results.

Before you begin carrying out transactions with an electronic system, you should carefully review the rules and provisions of the relevant institutions. System responses/reaction times and access times may vary due to market conditions, system performance and other factors, and on which you have no influence. 

You yourself bear the full responsibility for your individual decisions. Such decisions should be based on an assessment of your financial situation, your investment objectives, your risk tolerance and your liquidity needs and should be discussed in advance with your personal financial advisor in case of doubt. By using this website, you expressly acknowledge and agree that Scotcoin cannot be held liable for any and all damage resulting from the purchase of carbon offset.  

The UK is aiming to be carbon net zero by 2050.

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