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Scotcoin is a cryptocurrency based in Scotland.

It is an ‘ethical’ crypto: by that we mean we are set up to do good. That’s why we’re linked to a community interest company or CIC. Scotcoin Carbon Offset is about doing good too.

In our day to day lives we all expend carbon (called ‘carbon emissions’).These aren’t good for the environment. So we thought how can we help? How about by being the first cryptocurrency in the world where you can offset your carbon? That’s what we do. If you want to buy offsetting from us then you can, of course, buy using GBP too if you wish. Or a combination of the two? We like to be flexible.

Whatever you do remember that 85%+ of what you spend goes direct to The Scotcoin Project CIC – which directly supports charities and organisations in the UK and beyond.

'The UK is committed to bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.' Source: UK Government

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